FOR SALE  495,000 Bht

Reduced by 70,000 Bht

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I have used a page from my company's website to display this 
information about our family vehicle that we have for sale.

First registered in 2013, this Top-Of-The-Line (7-Seat) CAPTIVA 2.4L LTZ is in fantastic condition.
It's as quiet, comfortable, and as responsive on the road as it was the day we bought it.

This vehicle is rare. There are many 2.0 L available but very few 2.4 L.
The extra 20% more engine power makes a huge difference while driving ...
and, The LTZ is the Top-Of-The-Line produced (All the extra's)

 A Luxury Vehicle in Showroom Condition 
 COST NEW: 1.25m THB 

This car has been our pride and joy but we have recently moved to Patong and i'm too scared to take the car out (just too many bikes and small streets). There isn't a mark on the car and Patong is the wrong place for this type of vehicle so begrudgingly we have to sell it - while it's still in such pristine condition.


Some of the main Features;

  • Automatic AND Tiptronic Transmission
  • All-Wheel-Drive (AWD)
  • Satellite Navigation (anywhere) 
  • Hands-Free Phone + full BlueTooth connectivity  
  • Control Mobile, Radio, Bluetooth + full 'Cruise-Control' from Wheel
  • Electric Seat, Mirrors, Headlights, and full Halogen Spotlights
  • Exceptional Surround-Sound Audio System
  • Rear Window Wipers (separate intermittent)
  • Separate (Rear) Air-Conditioning
  • Plush Seating for 7 Adults (and a couple of kids)
  • Low-Profile Tyre's (Hydrogen-filled)  NEW 
  • Full Service History - CHEVROLET ONLY
  • Never been in an accident

    A Top-Of-The-Line Vehicle with all the added extras - serviced On-Time (every Year) and drives like a dream. It's strong, powerful, very economical, and a great luxury vehicle that is safe for the whole family.


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