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Enhanced Learning Experiences with Intuitive Technologies provides educators and learners with a one-page digital resource solution that contains thousands of in-demand, high quality resources that are captivating, pertinent, and designed to offer a seamless outcome-based learning experience for user. 

All content has been selected by librarians, library administrators, teachers, and senior academics. It is curated, then meticulously peer-reviewed by specialty educators prior to inclusion - ensuring both its quality and effectiveness. 

Next-generation user-friendly interface makes accessing content a breeze. With just one click, all resources are instantly available from one central page. We have eliminated the need for scrolling, and introduced a zero-click browsing feature, making it incredibly easy for educators and learners to navigate and utilize.

Our digital resource centre is an incredibly powerful tool, allowing educators to have complete control over the content they deliver to learners. With the ability to Add, Edit, or Delete any amount of content, there is virtually unlimited capacity to provide an endless stream of resources to learners.

Examine the numerous advantages that Libraries can offer to their members, along with the many benefits provided to Schools, students, and Teachers

    • Extensive and Engaging Content: Academic, Social, and Environmental
    • Accredited University/College Courses and Certification
    • Self-Paced, Quick-Lesson, Outcome-Based Learning
    • 24/7 Secure In-Class or Remote-Access 
    • Cutting-Edge Delivery and Display Solutions  
      • One Central Location | One-Page Display
      • No-Scrolling | Zero-Click Browsing/Navigation
      • One-Click direct access to all resource
The following presentation videos will also provide you with additional insight.

To find out more details for your learning institution, Call or Email Us or Book a 20-Min. 'Live' Demonstration for any number of colleagues (for a suitable day/time) and experience first-hand how one Resource can engage and captivate members for hours and hours.