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As the demand for computer and technology skills training continues to surge, users expect rapid, precise, and intuitive information they can access immediately. Our directory for technology training provides precisely that!


TheComputerSchool has been offering IT Training Solutions to Libraries, Schools, Colleges and Universities globally for over twenty years - providing a purposely designed, super-friendly and engaging technology training experience for all learners.

Our IT Training Resource caters to individuals of all ages and skill levels, ranging from beginners to advanced learners - covering an extensive and varied range of topics, including; computer and technology basics, online safety and security (kids/adults/business), social media, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Google, business, music, digital photography, graphic design, web-design, coding, and much more.

From One Central Location, on One-Single-Page (with no scrolling), all user's have one-click direct access to thousands of comprehensive IT-based Lessons and Tutorials, Courses, Assessments, Certificates, as well as a range of fully accredited Certification-Courses from some of the most prestigious universities from around the world.

Our platform provides secure and immediate access to thousands of top-quality IT training resources, perfectly suited for;

Our resources have been created by both the original program developers and manufacturers, as well as expert third-party providers who have been carefully selected for their knowledge and expertise. With both in-house and remote access options available, we offer maximum convenience and flexibility to our users.

TheComputerSchool IT Training Resource can be securely accessed directly from within a library or school website, providing the easiest and most accurate way for students, teachers and library members to greatly enhance their computer skills and overall critical-thinking capabilities.

TheComputerSchool is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to enhance their technology skills and proficiency levels.

    • Extensive and Engaging Content
    • Suitable for all ages and competency levels
    • Self-Paced, Quick-Lesson, Outcome-Based Learning 
    • One-Page Display | No-Scrolling
    • User-Friendly Zero-Click Navigation and Previews 
    • Courses, Assessments, Certificates
    • 24/7 Secure Remote-Access


To find out more details for your learning institution, Call or Email Us or Book a 20-Munute 'Live' Demonstration for any number of colleagues (for a suitable day/time) and experience first-hand how one Resource can engage and captivate members for hours and hours.

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