eResources Directory | For Schools

An Unparalleled eResources Delivery Solution | For Learning Institutions provides Schools, Colleges and Universities, as well as entire School Districts, (and all their students and teachers), with One-Click direct access to thousands of resource pages from one central location - all displayed on one page, with no-scrolling.

Along with a Zero-Click Navigation/Browsing Feature, displaying detailed information for any resource without having to make a single click.

With unlimited capacity you can instantly upload content for individual subjects, classes, grades, teachers. Add multiple directories to one master directory, all operating in sync with zero-click previews for all directories and all content.

Security of Data: Apart from 2-Step, 256-Bit Encrypted Authentication required for access - "No student/teacher personal information is ever required for access, or ever requested. Plus, no Content is ever stored in our platform. 

How much could your students/teachers benefit from having the ability to view thousands of resource pages of curriculum-based content, on just One Single Page? 

Book a ‘Live’ Demonstration for any number of colleagues and see first-hand how powerful, efficient and simple, a LIBRARYeResources Information Directory really is.

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