Thank you for your enquiry into the Sales Management Assistant’s Role we have advertised for. Although we are seeking a highly experienced Sales Professional, NO SELLING whatsoever is required. Your Role is to manage (online) a couple of our top Sales people’s daily routine …

YOUR JOB: Very simply, is to keep their Calls Lists up-to-date with THE BEST prospective customers to be calling, and to assist them with Registering Customers, sending Quotes, information emails and other correspondence.

We operate with a very sophisticated, and very user-friendly, back-end management system that controls every aspect of every record and it’s functionality. The system operates with what we call Set-And-Forget Functionality … a record is updated, and the next follow up date is added and that’s it – we forget about it!

Automatically on that new Follow-Up-DATE, the record will appear in the reps diary, with all updated information, Ready-For-Calling. Registrations, Sending Emails and Quotes – again, all automated and taking a minute or two to complete.

The biggest responsibility you’ll have is where your experienced sales history come’s into play. You have to really use your experience to know by reading detailed customer notes, which potential new customers will be added to the Calls List ... YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR “MANAGING THEIR TIME” to ensure they have the most productive lists possible to be calling, with every record being A GREAT PROSPECT!

PAY is starting at 7,500THB per month. PLUS, you will receive a commission payment for all Registrations that you have been involved in (in any way) … 1% to 2.50% per Registration. The Base will be reviewed after 3 months.

All Training will be provided – and again, as a experienced Sales professional, you will also go through the full Sales Training so you 100% understand the products and procedures … Again NO SELLING, OR CUSTOMER CALLS ARE REQUIRED … Only The Management Of Prospects and our Reps TIME!

With your direct Sales-experience, there are two other experience-requirements that you must have:

  • Excellent English and Grammar (Writing) Skills are essential.
    Although you will not be speaking directly to customers you WILL be corresponding with them Daily – and although all our basic auto-emails are all pre-written (and can be sent with 1-Click No-Changes), you will be required to WRITE ‘other’ personalised emails – with 100% grammar and spelling required (Very, Very Important).      
    All Customers are public schools and libraries – Grammatical, or Spelling Errors ,cannot be accepted under any circumstances with these customers.     
  • MICROSOFT EXCEL SKILLS: You need to have a really good understanding with MS Excel. This is very important.
    You need to be able to SORT these Lists, and understand good basic functions; For Example: You must know what these types of functions mean   =SUM(C5:C15)    =SUM(C5*0.125)   We don’t do a lot with Functions but it’s important you're confident with SORTING, and understand Basic FUNCTIONS.

This is a long-term position we are advertising – Customers have been renewing one and two-year registrations with us for up to two-decades …

To formally apply for this position please complete the below form. ADD as much Detail about yourself, and your work experience that you feel is necessary to help convince us that you're the right person for this position … We Have (2) positions available for this role.



If you're interested in a Senior Sales Position and are extremely well qualified and experienced as an Out-Bound TeleSales Expert - and you're wanting to work 20-30hpw (No-Cold-Calling)
15 - 25% Commission PLUS, 120-200,000THB for the first 6 months Expenses.

Follow this Link for full details ... BEST-OF-THE-BEST ONLY NEED APPLY  >>  SALES OPPORTUNITY    


Thank you again for your time.
Sally Marshall