Sales Manager - Senior Role


WORK FROM HOME (P/T 20-25 Hours/Week) 

NO COLD-CALLING | ALL AAA+ Qualified Contacts/Connections

We are seeking an experienced Sales Manager to help spearhead our global government/corporate engagement program while cultivating key relationships across the community, government, and industry.


This exceptional and exciting opportunity goes far beyond the scope of a typical career. We offer unparalleled long-term benefits and security, promising an ongoing compensation package that includes a large passive income component that will extend far into the future.


  • Long-established organization (Since 1999)
  • Part-Time Opportunity: 20-25hpw (4-day week)
  • 25,000 to 50,000 Baht per month (Base)
  • 2% to 15% Sales Fee ($10k to $2m+ Unit Sales)
  • 1% to   5%  Override on other peoples Sales 
  • Circa US$100 -150kpa ++
  • PASSIVE INCOME >> Same Sales Fee for all ...
    • Customer Renewals
    • Global Distributors
    • Global Education Influencers


About us

At the iLearn Technologies Group our purpose is simple, we transform lives with everything we do. We have always known at its heart, our business is only about people — our customers, our employees, and the communities in which we work. We have extensive expertise and a genuine commitment to improving people's lives through education, are at the core of what we do. That is our difference!

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We are seeking a highly experienced Sales Manager to help expand our sales capabilities over the coming months.   
This exciting role will work directly with our MD and Educational Services Team to lead and directly contribute to our Government and Corporate Engagement Program. You will be working from 'the cream of the crop' of our potential customer lists to create new long-term relationships with clients.

What we are looking for:

  • English First Language | Brought up through the Commonwealth or USA Education Systems
  • 5+ years' senior level experience in developing and building high-value government and/or corporate relationships
  • Proven experience in creating and delivering successful partnership and collaboration outcomes
  • Ability to implement and manage external agencies to meet company goals
  • Can manage multi-dimensional business development projects across a broad range of stakeholders
  • An outstanding person with exceptional relationship building and engagement skills

Your Global Education Market: 100% qualified, and engaged leads 
3,000+ LinkedIn personal Connections (less than 1-yr old)

  • Commissioners of Education
  • Director Generals of Education
  • Education Department Heads
  • University Deans
  • School Superintendents
  • School + Library eResources' Global Distributors
  • LinkedIn Global Education Influencers (millions of followers - all connected)
  • Cross Industry opportunities 

You will leverage your demonstrated expertise, exceptional attention to detail, adept planning, swift process adaptation, and confidence in navigating new systems and technology. Over the coming months, you will be directly involved in implementing our sales-team expansion project for our engagement programs and initiatives, and further drive business collaborations among senior government and corporate leaders, actively influencing and inspiring robust long-term relationships.

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We build and customize a one-page interface for the sharing of large-scale resource assets. Users can seamlessly browse tens of thousands of pages with no-scrolling, and a zero-click navigation experience. This is cutting-edge!

Your computer and technology competencies and knowledge should be sitting very comfortably at the top level of BASICS (or higher).         

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The iLearn Technologies Group